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Re: Can I be the second...

Do you have medical for your babe? If you call the doctor you can get them to prescribe it so that it's probably cheaper for you. My girls picked up lice from the daycare I used to work at(they would come with me everyday for a while) and I couldn't afford the treatment stuff for 3 kids plus myself so I called their pedi and got it prescribed so I only needed to buy it for myself. I know you already boght it but for next time(fingers crossed there won't be one!!!!).
Also, jmoon has the right idea. Bag up stuff and wash stuff daily. Bag pillows and change the pillow case daily and wash in hot water. Vacuum daily any carpeting. I hear mixed reviews on the products that treat mattresses and couches so I didn't do those but I did strip our beds and vacuum the mattresses every time I washed sheets. You have to treat again in a week when all the nits hatch before they grow up and lay eggs because if you don't, you'll never kill them. Pick out what you can find with a nit comb and just let the treatment kill the rest in a week from the first treatment day.
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