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Originally Posted by vaclarkclan View Post
What is creped??
I washed them 3 times on hot before use...but didn't let them dry inbetween. (Are youu supposed to?)
They are getting wet but only half of it...the back top half is always dry.
So..should I wash them a few more times or is there another way to prep?
wash and dry them on hot a couple more times and you should be good with them. as far as the wetting only on one end, it maybe your child or it may not be prepped enough. you could try adding an extra oval to that area of the diaper that is getting wet the most. or you could wrap a microfiber towel around the stuffin.

i have a heavy wetter and i never had a problem with HH prints. i had to change more often (every one to two pees) but i have no problem with that. we didn't really wear them out and about anyway.
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