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Diaphragm, anachronism?

So for reasons I won't bore everyone with I have limitations as to what I can use for bc. The hubby plans on getting a vasectomy but in the meantime we need to use something since we don't (ie can't afford) want anymore and my doctor said my uterus is not up being in use again (adhesions, age, fibroids, not a good breeder). So as an in between bc I wanted to get a diaphragm. No biggie right? I used one in college before and it's mildly annoying but not so much as to be prohibitive. Oddly it seems the diaphragm has gone the way of the dinosaur. I managed to get fit for one but you can't get then through the doctor, just a prescription for one. Also, my doctor doesn't recommend it as a form of birth control. ? Seriously? Is it that bad? I managed one for 2 years and never had a hint of getting pregnant. Also it took me 18 months and a round of Clomid to get pregnant with my second child so I'm not exactly fertile Myrtle so I'm not so terribly worried.
Has anyone gotten a diaphragm recently? I had a hard time finding a pharmacy to fill the prescription and it's some sort of odd special order item and doesn't even come up on a standard system. They couldn't even tell me if my insurance covered it because again, not standard so not in the computer system. The (young) woman behind the pharmacy counter didn't even know what a diaphragm was. Wow, I'm just a walking talking anachronism huh? Am I that old? Tell me someone else knows what a diaphragm is, I'm not even 40 yet and I feel like I should be a new grandmother rather than a new mom.
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