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Re: How do you make your sweet tea??

I'm not sure if ours would be strictly considered sweet tea. Tea-drinking in our house was definitely instilled in us by my southern grandma, but I don't know that ours is as sweet. Basically, one large Lipton tea bag and a 1/2 cup of sugar for one pitcher - about a gallon, maybe less. We don't like ours too sweet. Actually, I make my own iced tea separately now without any sugar since I'm diabetic. We use an Iced Tea Maker. If you're going to be making tea regularly an iced tea maker is definitely worth the investment. We brewed ours on the stove top or in the coffee maker for years and years. I thought getting an iced tea maker would be silly but it is so much simpler, and great when you're going through 2 or 3 pitchers a day at times.
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