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Originally Posted by Computermama View Post
Assuming everything goes ok (sorry, seeing the other ladies leave us has me a little spooked right now), this will most likely be our last. We had said, we'll get to two and then discuss it, but I can't see us having more. DH turns 38 this year, I'll be turning 33 right around my due date. It took 4 years total to conceive this one, I just don't think we'll be up for more at this stage in our lives.
Yeah - my DH will be 45 the month after this one comes. I will be 37 in October. No way will I do it again. I have the BEST pregnancies - no morning sickness, no crappy feelings, etc, but I am getting older and have some other health issues that make this the best choice. I also have had infertility in the past and do not want to think I am infertile again and then get quads...LOL!

Originally Posted by rahhlady View Post
If this baby is a girl, it may be our last, but if it's another boy we will for sure try for one more.
We have 3 boys and it would be nice if this was the girl, but we are done at 4 even if this one is a penguin! LOL! It is funny as when we went through infertility with DS2 we got a reading from Cheri the baby psycic. She said twin boys in May. Sure enough I got PG with twins and was due in May. One passed early and she gave me a 2nd reading of September and boy. We were only 6 months PP when I got PG with DS3 and he was due in Sept, but born in Aug. This time she said April and girl - this was in January. I am due in April, so so far she is correct again!
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