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Originally Posted by tryin View Post
this will be my last pg. It is my fifth pregnancy, but I only have 1 living biological child on earth. I am high risk from start to finish of the pg, and the anxiety level is so high throughout. This baby was a "put it in God's hands" and I became pg on the first try. I knew I wanted another baby, but now, I'm not sure how I'm going to manage financially with daycare costs. I'm thinking strongly of taking a year off and staying home with my little ones. Plus, I'm fast approaching 40 and people already think my girls are my grandchildren

I do not want permanent birth control though just because of my history and friends' experiences with tubals. So, I'll have to give this some thought.
I can totally understand wanting to be done after a severely high risk pregnancy. We too were not really trying as much as seeing what would happen. I got PG the month after I got my IUD out. Never in my life did I expect that. In fact, I thought I would not fall PG on my own this time and had resolved to be a mom of 3. I am no spring chicken either and understand spending the rest of our years with out LOs watching them grow and thrive verses trying for more. I want to move from the birthing mother phases of my life to the watching them grow stage. I also have a 23 year old stepson, so grandmotherhood could be a real thing in my future.

I have friends and family who have had tubals and full hystorectomies. Most of them are very pleased with the results and had no major issues. I do not know anyone with TLS in my real life, but have seen women online with it. I am thinking I can deal with it for a decade or so, as women in my family end up in menopause early and get hystorectomies by age 50. With that as my genetic history, I think the surgery will be the best option as I wil not be on hormones, not have something aggrivating my already genetically flawed uterus, and will not be likely to get PG again at all.

What are you thinking about as BC after this LO? My mom and dad used condoms until my mom's hystorectomy at 50. She was infertile due to endometriosis, but was taking no chances. She thought dad should get the big V, but he would not undergo any type of surgery due to PTSD from Vietnam. He said he would give up sex before having a surgery. My mother thought she could make him do it to avoid the tubal. Nope - and she - just like all her sisters and mother - eneded up with a hystorectomy anyway.

I decided to just get 'er done to make life easy for us.
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