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Re: Pregnancy Attire

That is the thing for me! The cost of these clothes are crazy!! I mean really - why would I spend $50 for a shirt that I am only going to wear for max 6 months? Seriously! I do get use out of my nursing tops, as I BF for up to 11-14 months depending on my baby and supply. Crap - I do not spend $50 on clothes I can get 15 years out of...LOL!!

I am thinking i have yoga/sports pants that I bought after Quinn, 2 years ago. They stretch, can be worn under belly with a belly band, and worn PP as well while I lose the weight. I might get some cheap/FFS pants or shirts for going out in that I can simply give away for free when I am done.

Anyone have a good belly band recommendation? I want a good one that is supportive and holds the pants up. I had some cheaper ones before that were more for covering your belly for nursing.
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