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Re: Breastfeeding while in NICU...Did it work for you?

Aww Mama, I'm sorry ! I never ever want to go back to the ICN for any of my babies EVER!!! So you are in my prayers and so is your little one. I exclusively BF my first 2 until they weened at 18 months, and had a more than generous supply LOL. So I thought I could pump and keep my milk up for my 3rd who was born with hydrocephalus and had brain surgery when he was 3 days old. Even though I had plenty of milk to begin with, a professional hosp. pump and pumped every hour, after a month I went dry. However, when we were released, I would nurse him and then give him a smallish bottle. He had reflux so bad we had to do very small frequent bottle feeds anyway. My milk came in day 3 after release and he totally BF within 2 weeks.
Looking back I wish someone had told me about Reglan or Domperidone. I would definitely taken the Meds to make my milk keep up, because he was really intolerant of formula, (We're talkin Projectile spit up, the nurses hated to feed him because of it).
I woud try to pump if you can. I know my life was crazy insane with 2 kids and a newborn in the NICU, and you are soon to have 6! If you can, and I don't know how long your LO wilL be in NICU, have someone sit with them when you can't. We tried to have someone there with our DS as much as possible. We had some terrible understaffing for the nurses at our hosp. and he was often neglected because he was on pain meds and couldn't cry to get attention for diaper changes. Good Luck Mama <3
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