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Possibly dumb questions about 4 day wait, etc. (purees)

We're planning to introduce solids to DS in 2 weeks when he turns 6 months old, and I'm kind of a weenie so I'm planning to start with purees.

I have some questions that probably sound sort of dumb, but I just don't quite get it.

I do plan to wait 3-4 days between offering new foods and will start by offering only once per day, working up gradually.

Question 1: Do you offer the same food and only the same food each and every day for those 3-4 days to watch for allergies? So if DS has previously accepted sweet potato and apple with no reaction and we start trying avocado, do we give avocado ONLY for the next 3 days or also offer apples/sweet potatoes? It seems like if you give the new food only and introduce two new foods a week, you would never get to the point of re-visiting previously accepted foods.

Question 2: Do new foods need to be offered independently, or can it be introduced in combination with previously accepted foods? For example, if DS has had sweet potato and peas before and I want to introduce spinach, do I have to offer the spinach by itself or can I mix it in to one puree with the sweet potatoes and peas?

Question 3: I have read about the "evils" of commercial baby cereals and am planning to skip rice cereal, but we do have a box someone gave us and might mix it into purees once in a while. Is there any reason not to do that?

I know I'm using phrases like "have to" and realize that there's really no "right" way to do things, but I'm such a by-the-book kind of person that it bothers me when I don't know what I'm "supposed" to do.
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