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Re: Are bigger prefolds more absorbent? And what do you think of this fit?

Yup, he was wearing Swaddlebees wool interlock covers, soaked through two of 'em. I was surprised too! We've been doing diaper free time at home and he'll pee maybe 3-4 times in an hour? Doesn't seem like a huge quantity at any one time, but I guess it adds up.

I would try bikini twist or add a doubler when trifolding before sizing up. Unless you get premiums (4x8x4), the increase in absorbency from the couple inches on the edges in the next size isn't going to do much.
See, this is what I was afraid of.... that upsizing may not solve the problem... Hmm... I'm unfamiliar with brands other than Cloth-eeze / Green Mountain. What's a good brand to look for if I want premiums?
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