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Re: Give me the push to go to all fitteds/prefolds..

I know what it really is, you have some extremely cute diapers in your stash that you know I want to buy. So I'll make it easy on you and take those 2 off your hands then you won't even have to worry about using them.
Seriously though I don't do wool or prefolds, but I do fitteds. And I must say I love them. They are so nice for around the house and when we go outside because she can go coverless. I'm sure they work fantastic under wool. But I also don't think you should pressure yourself into only one type of diapers if you aren't ready to let them go. If fitteds/prefolds/ wool work better for you use them. Sell off your aios in segments if you need too, if you have 30, sell them in segments of 10. Do whatever makes you happy!!!!!
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