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Originally Posted by igotmywings

yeah i wasn't pregnant in February of 2008 (obviously since DD is only 8 months old) . guarantee you the other photo was taken between 24 and 48 hours after birth. The date on my camera is set incorrectly. Obviously since your smart enough to have the firefox app figured you could figure out that the date is set incorrectly.

And just to point it out The first photo was taken with a Kodak Easy share. The second photo was taken with an FZ28 since you can see the lens cap on it Kodak easy shares don't have a lens that requires a cap. Since you did go out of your way to try to point that out just thought I would as well.
You're right! It's a different camera. I need to refrain from posting in my sleep deprived, hair falling out state. My apologies.

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