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Re: Off to a good start.


Hooray! I found my place!

I'm a single mom to two girls ages 5.5 and 2.5. I've been seperated, and then divorced from their dad since before I knew I was pregnant with my youngest. There have been a few times that we have tried to do the traditional family route... but it obviously didn't work out!

My girlies and I live on my parents' property while I am in college full time. Sometimes it reminds me of a compound, We live on about 3 acres of property in our own house, and my brother and his family have a house, and my parents have the "big" house all on the same property.

Ok- here's some personal info on us. My girlies Dad is in the Marines, so he doesnt see them very often. He was here in June, and then 8 months before that. So I'm all on my own. While he does help with $, he has literally never had them by himself for more than 2 hours... or overnight for that matter.

So it's just us. Other than the occasional pity party and exhaustion, I'm ok with that. I really don't know if at this point I would be willing to let someone else help with my children. Its hard for me to admit, but I think I have a control issue with that. Mama knows best darnit.

I currently have 3 years left of school, and if I am not in a serious relationship by the time I graduate, I have decided to add to our family on my own. I have been aching for a baby, our family just doesn't feel complete yet, and I'm not about to wait around for a husband. My family thinks that I am joking when I say anything about having a baby through a sperm donor, they are all pretty conservative. I guess they'll just have to be surprised.

Sorry for the long post! I'm so excited!
Mama of two girls and one surprise on the way!
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