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fitteds that fit like FBs?

FBs fit my baby great, but my dh hates pocket dipes, and I've started knitting my own wool covers. So... I need some snapping fitteds that are adjustable in the leg like side-snapping, but easy to use like front-snapping. Are there any out there?

My baby's growing fast (almost 13 lb at 3 weeks old!!) and growing out of the smalls we have already. His waist is small for low-rise dipes, but big around the belly for high-rise dipes. Legs are getting chubbier, but if he's like his brothers, they won't stay that way. The aplix fitteds I have finally fit in the leg, but are too small around the waist.

I also like OV, hemp, and micro-fleece-lined soakers.

Ideas? I'd rather not pay more than $10/dipe new or used. Although the PERFECT dipe might be worth more...

~Amanda, homeschooling mom to three boys and a baby on the way
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