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Re: Off to a good start.

Originally Posted by Sageac View Post
pcjs: Sounds like my dad, 5 kids from marriages 1 &2, all the kids are 25-33, and only a couple of us talk to him. Years ago I decided that what I had been told as a child was probably a load of bull. Now, he's married to a woman I really like and my kids call her "Grandma." (lol... she's only 43 and never been married or had children... so she suddenly has 5 grown kids and 4 grandkids... ) I hope things work out with you guys.
Thanks - they have - I have my child so I'm happy now and when ever they want a relationship we're here. My husband's ex has been communicating a lot with us, which has been nice.

That's pretty cool with your dad and his wife. I don't think I'm ready to be called grandma but a few little ones in the future would be nice, especially a girl as girl clothing is so cute. I think I'd leave the grandma title to his ex as I wouldn't want to compete or take the away from her.
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