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SO SO SO MAD...CD Article

This article me LIVID! I was doing a search for night time cloth diapers and just happened to find this. THIS is one of the reasons why some mainstream people won't give cloth a try.

1. Disposables "hold more" and therefore a CD child needs to be changed more often.....NO! If your child is wet then change them PERIOD!
2. Care of cloth is difficult........NO! What is really difficult about shaking poo into the toilet and then putting a diaper in a pail. Then the washing is just like washing any of my other clothes.
3. Cloth diapers cause enviromental impact on water..NO! Not anymore than flsuhing your toilet does if your child was potty trained. So should I just throw my human waste in a landfill instead, where not only does the diaper itself cause problems but the waste itself can run off and end up in the water streams??

Let me just tell you that this website just got a serious NASTY-GRAM from this CD mama!
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