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Re: Can I be the second...

Be careful with the lice shampoo. Have you read the warning label? I used the shampoos on my daughter when she was 7. It burned her scalp and peeled the skin of. My mother did some research and came up with some essential oils to try. I put them in with the shampoo. This would kill all of the lice but not the nits. We used the shampoo for at least a month or longer. It got rid of the lice without the toxic effects on my children. My sister tried the more traditional first for at least a month. She even got the prescription from the doctor. As soon as she thought she finally had them beat she would find more. Finally she too did the essential oils and got rid of the lice. It takes time but we could no longer afford to take all the bedding to the laundromat every day. I also refused to put the medicated lice shampoo on my kids heads after what it did to my daughters scalp.
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