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Re: Just came out on facebook, but not really

Originally Posted by 3wyobabes View Post
We haven't even told my parents yet (Tuesday when they get back from the lake) so I didn't want to start something. And yeah... didn't want any smart @$$ comments before we share our real happy news.

I borrowed this from a friend and posted it instead

I'm NOT going to fake a pregnancy, post my bra color, my shoe size, or where I keep my purse, in a vague and ineffective attempt to raise breast cancer awareness. What I WILL do is say that women who breastfeed greatly reduce the risk of breast cancer for themselves AND their child, and if anyone needs some support, help, and love in that area, you can always talk to me. Now THAT is what I call a helpful status about boobs \ ( . )( . ) / - Woman Uncensored

I think I will use this one!!! It's cute to me!! Thanks for sharing!
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