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Re: SO SO SO MAD...CD Article

This is absolutley INSANE


they are say that babies with cloth dipes get changed more which is good and they get less diaper rash because of it.

"Why do some parents choose disposable diapers? Many find them convenient. Disposable diapers are more absorbent than cloth diapers, so you donít need to change them quite as frequently. This also means that your baby is less likely to develop a diaper rash that is caused by urine and stool sitting on the skin for prolonged periods of time."

but the thing that gets me is this of course diaper companies will say that they need to cast shadow on others because of there wrong doings!!!.........

"Even though disposable diapers have an adverse impact on the environment, the diaper manufacturers also argue that laundering cloth diapers uses more energy and water and can lead to air and water pollution."

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