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I give up...

So, it's been two months now of being naked bottomed here at home. Right from the start my son (now 28+months old) was a pro on going on his potty and still is I'd say at least 90% of the time. Often days go by with no accidents. But if he's not naked bummed, he will go in his pants/underwear and he just doesn't care. He will NOT tell us that he has to potty... he just runs to the potty and goes (when naked of course). He will sometimes tell us afterward.

Today I saw that he had peed his pants and I told him that we don't pee in our pants we try to use the potty. And then (don't judge me) I just left him. I thought maybe if he was uncomfortable for a little while (it's cool in the house today so I figured that might bother him with wet pant legs), he might asked to be changed. Nope... he peed again. When I did put him on the potty after that, he didn't want me to take off his wet pants!!

I give up. It's getting too cold already now for him to be naked bottomed all the time and it just seems so pointless to keep trying when he is making no progress what-so-ever. We are in exactly the same boat as we were two months ago. My husband doesn't like him being naked anyway and as much as it's been nice not having to wrestle him upstairs to change his poopy diapers (he hates stopping what he is doing to get changed of course) I'm also just tired of being so discouraged. We've tried so hard to make it a positive experience for him but now I can feel myself getting angry whenever he wets himself so I think I just need to stop before he starts picking up on that.
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