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Re: I'm so confused about starting solids. Need guidance.

Originally Posted by Connor View Post
I wouldn't give cereal as it really has no nutritional value. I would wait for signs of readiness such as: teeth, pincher grasp, and being able to sit up from a laying position. These things usually happen around 9 months. And, your baby doesn't really need anything other than your milk until after a year old
Hmmm... I don't think teeth are really signs of readiness for solids. Some kids don't get them until after a year, but most babies can use those gums quite effectively. (Anyone who has ever had their finger chewed on by a toothless baby can attest to this.)

I wouldn't personally start with rice cereal, but oatmeal is a nutritious and non-constipating option. Baby cereals do have the advantage of being iron-fortified. While solids are mainly "for fun" until age one, some babies do need iron starting about 6 months. Of course, they can get it from other foods. Cereals are not necessary.

To the OP, I suggest breastfeeding first, then offering solids. A hungry baby probably won't be content eating solids first. She'll want to nurse and then "play" with food. You can start with one meal of solids a day and work up from there. You don't want solids to take the place of breastmilk at this point, you just want baby to start experiencing tastes and textures. Most of the time you can just follow baby's lead when it comes to food. Don't overthink it.
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