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Re: How many mama's post pone their 1st app?

Originally Posted by Amers78 View Post
I am waiting but not by choice. Here they refuse to set your first appointment until you have your Chart making appointment. I guess it is an appointment with a bunch of other mom's and it is two hours of lectures about pregnancy. This is my 5th pregnancy with a little luck 4th baby. What I am going to learn from this that I do not already know I have no clue. I could not get that appointment until the 11 week mark. After I have that appointment then I will be assigned an OB Dr and can make my first appointment from there. How long is this going to take I have no clue it could be days it could be weeks. I have at this point no clue when I will be seen. It is driving me crazy.
I have something kind of like that tomorrow, it's a Pregnancy Education meeting (whatever...). Fortunately it's only an hour and as far as I know I don't think it's a huge group, I think it might just be me, at least I hope. I don't plan on taking notes that's for sure. I'm bringing my son too, he'll likely cuddle with me the entire time otherwise it will certainly be interesting otherwise.

With my first pregnancy I didn't get in until I was 12ish weeks. They were so full and they wouldn't see me sooner. I was so frustrated, I wanted to make sure everything was ok.
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