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Re: SO SO SO MAD...CD Article

Was that written by an MD? That was such a poorly written article. The facts in the article weren't facts at all, all hearsay. I think the author was trying to say that sposies cause less diaper rash; however the point just before it was that with cloth you would have to change more frequently. So, I'm confused as to how changing less frequently leads to less diaper rash. I just wish someone really well known would write an article or advocate for cloth diapers, so at least people would be properly informed. I see so many articles in the literature that you get at hospitals and baby stores that talk about cloth diapers in terms of flats and pins. Nothing is ever mentioned about other choices. I just hate for people to get that narrow view of how "difficult" cloth diapers are.

So who's going to send Angelina and Brad a pocket diaper for their new baby? Wouldn't their baby look so cute in a cuddly little cloth diaper? Maybe a matching shirt to go with it?
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