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Re: August 2009 Two Year Olds!

Originally Posted by Ready2Bmommy View Post
Crissi- WOW! She sure is a trooper. I wonder what Em's teeth will be like when we take him to the dentist this fall. My mom always said I had good dental hygiene, but I always had cavities as a kid. Wes's teeth aren't the greatest either, and he brushes and flosses very regularly. I really hope he has better teeth than both of us.
You might want to check out a book called Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, it's written by a dentist here is her blog we were really too far to reverse but we are hoping to prevent. I've had dental people who have never had a cavity tell me it's 100% preventable (not my current office, I love the docs there) and then there advice is brush and floss- "well wow, I've never done that before." My orthodontist always praised how well I took care of my teeth and asked if he could show other patients what their teeth should look like, I didn't drink soda and rarely had sweets at all and I had to have cavities filled while I had my braces while having friends with braces whose teeth never got brushed and were just disgusting, they ate junk all the time and they had no cavities With Vic we had an assistant (who is no longer at this dental office) tell us that we shouldn't put soda pop in a bottle to which we answered "she's never had anything but breastmilk straight from the source." The dentists at this office have said I wish we knew how to prevent this but until then we are here to fix it, they themselves are looking for answers and not acting like you just aren't doing your job. I think seeing kids like Vic with teeth that aren't even up having a cavity kind of makes you relook at the problem. All that to say I hope his teeth do well for both his sake and yours~ the Mama guilt can be horrid but if you have a great dentist with great assistants be thankful.
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