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Hi mama! I'm due in March but wanted to pop in to give you some love and support. I had hg with my first and again this time but worse. Zofran pump worked for me with #1, but zofran did nothing for me this go around. The only thing that even touched the nausea was phenergan and benedryl. I was inpatient for 7 days total and have had a PICC line in since around 7weeks. I was getting iv nutrition up until a few days ago (I'm 14 weeks now).

I hope you can get the zofran that you need if it works for you. With #1 I was able to get insurance to pay, but there was an appeal process. It really helps to have an OB that is on board. I have found to be a wonderful resource for info and available treatments/protocols. My best advice is to keep going back to the hospital if you are losing fluids and feeling dehydrated. It can be hard sometimes to get people to take things seriously. I went home on iv fluids and meds and still lost 7lbs in 5 days and the hospital had the different weights on record so then they took me seriously. Oh, and my ob rocks. But she even said to me yesterday that she wished things has been smoother in the hospital.

HG is really hard in the first tri, but it does get better and I hope it gets better soon for you mama.

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