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Re: Diaphragm, anachronism?

I suspect it's more patient compliance. They are bad in terms of ease of use, you have to stop the 'mood' to go put it in or preplan then leave it in for 8 hours after. If you want to have sex more than once in the 8 hours you have to put more soermacide in. No biggie in a long term marriage, not so fun for your average single woman. Plus there's no protection against STDs. Doctors would much rather pump a woman up on pills and most women like the ease. I am just using it in the interim between post baby and hubby getting a vasectomy. It seems silly to put in another Mirena and need to be anesthetized for it when it's not a full 5 yr thing. Seriously, my body has so many issues I don't want to add to it.
Now if I could just find a place that sells spermicidal jelly. Maybe Amazon?
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