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Re: B-vitamins and trouble sleeping?

Originally Posted by LnzsOut View Post
Oh well - guess it's worth it to feel better during the day! 9am is about the latest I'll take it, usually between 7-8. I don't think I can take it much earlier!
You could try drinking Chamomile Tea at night. I had insomnia for a bit and found drinking Chamomile Tea with Red Raspberry Leaf Tea a couple hours before bedtime that it generally helped with the relaxing and falling asleep.

The Red Raspberry Leaf part though, some people find it's a controversial herb in the first trimester as some have blamed it for miscarriage. I haven't had any issues and I know lots who haven't. But others have had some. Just letting you know. Chamomile Tea is safe though and is what really helps with the getting sleepy bit.
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