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Re: Immigrant Mamas - how did you adapt in the US?

I think it is all personal perception much of what Kätzchen notes about the US I note about about living as an immigrant in Germany. Cultural differences are everywhere when things are outside our norm.

I am lonely and isolated. I find people to be very warm on the surface but very cold in general not interested in making friends. I find it to be darn near impossible to befriend a German and I have tried. I was once told if you want to be friends with a German woman have a child with one (or rather at the same time). The only friend I have is a woman from my birthing course. I am casual with a few of my husband friends and colleagues, but the only friends I have are also immigrants. And I speak and live integrated in German society.

At the same time, I love Germany and to be honest I do not think I will ever find peace because here I miss home and if I was home I miss here.

Rather on focusing on the differences. I realize that I am and always will be a immigrant. I can choose to dwell on things I hate, or I can sit in awe and amazement looking at the things I love.

I can be pissed that I have no ausbildung and cannot work, or I can be greatful to live in a country which has programs that enable me to stay home with my kids.
I can be mad that I cannot buy ready made foods I am accustomed to or foods I miss, or I can enjoy what they offer here.
I can be angry about everything, or I can accept. And I aim to look for the good and not the bad
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