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Re: Immigrant Mamas - how did you adapt in the US?

Our move back home is finally all planned out, if the it all falls into place.
Ds #2 goes to UK after graduation next Spring.
Then Dh and I clean out the house and put it up for sale, once we are sold up, we either move right away (if Ds has settled well) or rent for a few months (up to a year) then move.
Sadly the way housing is now, we may only get what we paid for this house way back in 93. This means we will not be able to buy a house for cash, mortgages are harder to get in UK now, so we probably will become renters. not what we wanted for our years heading to retirement, but at least we will be close to my Mother as she ages and to both sons, also to all of Dh's family.
Fingers crossed it all works out.
Poor Dh is spending all his time off clearing stuff out already, he's started working on both his boats to sell (or give away really) and has been emptying the attic of stored stuff too.
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