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Re: If I ever get pregnant...

Originally Posted by LaughingPeaMama View Post
Well I'm going to be the opposing side. We did IF treatments both times to get pregnant and spend buttloads of money on meds etc. While I was overjoyed to be pregnant and celebrated everything I still had moments of misery. More with this one than DD but still I am not sure we have a right to tell moms they can't whine a little. Isn't getting to whine and be waited on a part of being pregnant? It doesn't mean they aren't super happy about the baby. The gender thing I will never understand because I never had this super huge desire to have a specific gender but to each their own. It confuses me when people ask if I'm happy or upset to be having a boy or girl etc but I just blow them off. I have experienced excrutiating back and sciatic nerve pain during the point that I cannot walk and am in tears. It doesn't change the fact that I love every moment of that pregnancy but I still needed someone to listen to me, otherwise I felt alone and the pain overwhelmed me. I guess I just don't believe it is fair to judge anyone's pregnancy and whether they are greatful for the baby or not because they whine about normal pregnancy complaints.
Oh I understand and I think people can complain, but like others said, this is the section for struggles. Here we are supportive of each other- when we find out close friends are pregnant and we have jealousy gnawing at us. I had a bad day when I posted, came here to find support, but first scrolled down past the due dates section and the thread highlighted was about feeling fat, and I instantly felt that same jealousy. It's what it is. I am so very grateful for the Struggles and Support thread.

I completely see your point, and appreciate you bringing it up, and really- I can complain to my husband or close family and friends in person. Because as with everything on the internet- sometimes things are better done off of the internet. Sorry if my post offended you. It was certainly not my intention at all.

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