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I used Sumavel in my 1st trimester and it worked really well. I used it 3 times total and never within 1wk so I think it was safe. I can't take anything orally when I get a migraine because I vomit so badly so my dr gave me the injectables and It worked within 5-10 mins!
I took Fioricet or Vicodin with my previous pregnancies and it never really helped long term. Fioricet can cause rebound migraines. My neurologist took me off all combo meds about 4yrs ago and it was a miracle. I used Advil in my 1st trimester with my OBs ok and it worked well also.
Anyway, Sumavel is the same as Imitrex but a different actuator. Imitrex is a generic now and cheaper.
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