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Re: Why is my baby fussy at bedtime feeding?

With my second baby I had a similar problem. She doesn't like to nurse when she's really sleepy so with her even if it's not time to put her in bed, she would rather eat her last meal an hour or so before she actuall goes to bed. I also started to have trouble with producing enough milk for the last feeding and I never had that with my first baby. I had to work hard to make sure I ate dinner earlier than normal and drink more water. I started drinking Natural Medicinals Milk Tea, and that helped a lot. But now that I'm adding an extra meal I don't need to drink it anymore and don't have trouble with the last feeding. She is 8.5 months now. I take a meal replacement shake and vitamins that have gotten me in over all better health. One of the main ingredients is Alfalfa and that helps you produce milk. If you're interested in these shakes it's not just any meal replacement shake, it's the best quality out there. PM me if you are interested. It has greatly improoved my husbands health and energy, and has even made my skin look yonder. I wish you well!

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