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*lurker posting, apologies*

I stumbled in here the other day and I gotta say I'm so glad to have seen this thread and the original post before it was deleted. It's a relief to know that there are other mamas feeling the same way - having a really hard time listening to the little complaints and whatnot in the dd groups, and just wishing to be pregnant no matter the sickness/pain/whatnot that may come with it.
Please, OP, don't feel bad about posting that or offending anyone. Obviously (I've read the chat thread as well ) this place is for these feelings/vents/rants, and for getting support and for them. Not for someone to come in and say you shouldn't feel that way.

I've been feeling really angry/upset with someone from an old dd group myself. She's pregnant again, which is wonderful for her don't get me wrong, but she's been griping and whining the whole pregnancy about needing to know what the gender is. She got an u/s at 16wks just to find out. Which didn't work, baby had its legs crossed. Cue another 5wks of whining about how she can't stand it, she's so upset about not finding out, she doesn't know how she'll get through the pregnancy not knowing.
WTF?! Seriously?!! All this at the same time that I'm having m/c's. Can she seriously not see how stupid that is? I'd give ANYTHING to be pregnant and NOT EVER FIND OUT GENDER. Who cares about gender?! Just a healthy baby. That's all that matters.
is how I've been feeling for weeks listening to her. Can't stand it.

FTR, she was able to find out gender at a later u/s. I did say congrats to her, though I haven't been able to reply nicely to anything else she's posted about it. But really, even with saying congrats, I really just want to say "thank god, now you can stop whining about not knowing". I know.
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