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Im torn :(

My LO is now 18 days old and I've been breastfeeding for 11 days and these last couple days I've been pumping the milk out and bottle feeding it to him bc my nipples developed sores and I got mastitis & it was just so unbearable! Now that my mastitis is gone he doesn't seem interested in the breast he likes bottle more so I kept pumping, but my milk supply is close to nothing after the mastitis went away and I'm afraid that im going to end up dry and have to switch to formula any suggestions ?
I got mastitis from pumping so much that I had an oversupply of milk& when I didn't pump ( at night or out in town ) it got clogged. And even when he did take my breast he wouldn't be able to finish it so I'd have to pump afterwards to empty what he couldn't finish.
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