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Re: Im torn :(

I'm sorry you're having a rough time mama. Mastitis is a doozy to deal with. I really suggest you go ahead and start putting baby back on the breast. He'll be fussy about it at first of course because he's decided he likes the ease of bottles...after all, he doesn't have to work with just drips right into his mouth with very little effort. It's going to take a little retraining and getting used to BF'ing again. Take all the bottles and put them away, put the pump away for a while, and just start working on putting baby on the breast and getting him to latch on properly. Don't give him the option of a bottle...he's going to choose easy over work if you do. Just keep offering the breast and when he's hungry he'll start BF'ing again. It'll be rough at first but it really is for the best for both of you. Watch how he latches on and make sure he's latching on properly. Make sure you're positioning him properly so he can latch on the best way. If his latch isn't right, gently take him off and latch him back on correctly until he does it right. Within a couple days, he'll be BF'ing smoothly and your supply will come back up in the process. The stimulation from the baby is what triggers your body to make milk, not the pump. The pump should really only be used when you're away from the baby and it's best not to pump before baby is a month old unless absolutely necessary. Your body needs that time to regulate your supply and both you and baby need that time together to bond and learn to BF together. Slow down some and just spend time skin to skin with your baby. Relax and enjoy your time with baby and don't be on the go so much. Find a day or two and just relax topless with baby and encourage him to BF as much as possible. He's still young enough that he will be drawn to BF'ing because it's the "natural" instinct of babies. If you don't give him the option of a bottle and just spend time with him and encourage BF'ing, you'll both be back on track before you know it.
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