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Re: Im torn :(

Hey mama, can you get in touch with a lactation consultant to help you out?

Also, from what I have been told by an LC, you should never pump to empty your breast this early. Right now you are setting up your supply and your "rythm". By pumping after your LO is finished eating then you are telling your breasts to produce more than what he is actually your milk becomes more abundant,etc... it is the law of supply and demand. The more your LO eats the more your breasts will make. She told me that, before 4 weeks, you should just pump for relief but NOT to empty your breasts.
Once yor supply is established then you can start pumping to empty and collect.
I would leak and have rock hard boobs ( ouch!) sometimes and I would just pump a little to relieve it but never to empty.
DD is now 5 1/2 months old and while I sometimes leak if she doesn't feed regularly enough(like at night and I wake up with a drenched shirt! ) , the rock-hard boobs are history!
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