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Re: Im torn :(

Hang in there Mama! It's hard at first, my DS went through a period of not wanting to BF. Have a day or two where you take a "nursing vacation", just BF all day long, stay in bed or on the sofa, take a bath together. Give him enough from a cup if he really won't keep latched so he's not super hungry then try to latch again. My LO used to do the same, pull off & scream... I think he was being impatient & didn't want to wait for "let-down". Now he's 5 months and we're old pros! We've both gotten much better & he's fast. 5 min feeds compared to the oh, say 45min ones we used to have
Good luck, it's difficult at first but you'll make it! If he's wetting diapers consistently I wouldn't worry (easier said than done) but I worried muc more than I needed to that we were somehow doing it all wrong, when really we were doing just fine

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