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Re: Im torn :(

Originally Posted by BraydensMommy2011 View Post
What's an SNS? Everytime he's hungry I offer the breast first and he'll latch correctly and suck for a couple second then pull away and start crying and I'll try again and switch positions and he'll do the same untill I give him a bottle
Try breast compression to help more milk come out to keep him interested. And at this stage in the game it's not supply and demand yet. It's actually hormone regulated. The more nipple stimulation you get the more milk. So lots of nursing and skin to skin. An sns is a supplimental nursing system that is used at the breast to keep baby nursing and help stimulate milk while supplementing with BM or formula. It's a small tube you tap to you nipple connected to the supplementation and when baby nurses milk comes out. Hang in there mama. I to caused an oversupply by Pumping to early due to jaundice and weight problems. I have been there! It gets easier and better I promise. My DS is 20 mths and still going strong.
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