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Re: Rant...the constant "skinny" baby comments

Originally Posted by Nerissa View Post
((HUGS)) people always have to have something to comment about.

I get the opposite- your babies are so big they are eating too much. I have learned just to let it go-- it is hard though-- especially when you know your LO is happy and healthy.
Same thing happens to me. DD1 was on formula with 1 Tbsp of cereal per oz due to severe yeah she was on the rollie pollie side. I remember people commenting on her size. I would just say "well I'm happy to see her on the pudgy side considering she weighed 2pds at birth." After coming off the bottle she slimmed up quite a bit. Now she is just of course I have to deal with people constantly commenting on how little she is. DD2 is a little on the pudgy side as well. She isn't huge by any means (50th percentile), but she has the baby pudge on her arms and legs. People are constantly asking me if she is formula fed. I say "nope she's just healthy."

Skinny or doesn't matter as long as they are healthy and their Pediatricians aren't concerned.

When DD1 was a baby I learned real quick that you have to take what people say with a grain of salt. Some people just open their mouth and let the ignorance pour out.
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