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I agree on the rice cooker. we have a clear plastic one for the microwave. We are cuban, so big on rice, and honestly I think the best rice is jasmine rice which you can usually find in the ethnic food section by the oriental or spanish foods. with jasmine rice you only want to wash it like once, then strain it and
put it in the cooker. I don't measure the rice, I just have a certain scoop I use. So I do 2 scoops of rice, 3 and 1/4ish scoops of water, add some oil and salt, stir, and nuke it for about 14 minutes. I then stir again and check to see if it's too wet/sticky. If it is, I nuke it for 2 more minutes. voila, you have yummy rice. Also, sometimes I'll do half water-half chicken stock.
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