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Re: Why is my baby fussy at bedtime feeding?

Thank you for the suggestions and support

I have figured out a few things... since she's on the end of a growth spurt, I think I was expecting her to drink more. But since the growth spurt has tapered down it seems like she's drinking less per feeding. I think that raised my anxiety and concerns that she wasn't getting enough.

I also was noticing some discomfort/pain on my end which I attributed to low supply in the evening. I thought she was trying to nurse but there wasn't enough in there causing some discomfort for me and frustration for her. But I thought about it more and I think it has more to do with her getting a poor latch. She's never had problems before, so I didn't really suspect that. But I think at bedtime she was too sleepy/frustrated to latch correctly but was still able to get just enough.

So all day I've been focusing on making sure she gets a really good latch and when there's any discomfort I stop and start again or switch sides. I just put her to bed and there was no fussing with the feeding. Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come. I love this forum, it really helps with all these little things that come up
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