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Re: Cloth Diapering in Japan

Originally Posted by qtytot View Post
Just saw your siggy, congrants on the new baby.

We are not allowed to dry in the veranda so I hang the CDs near the window in the laundry room.
Cheers! I need to make a new icon.

That sucks! Is that because you live on base? Futons and laundry are hung out by everyone I know- sunny days mean laundry fluttering on the entire south side of our building!

ETA: BTW, seconding Nishimatsuya for cheap baby clothes and cute diaper covers- I much prefer the Japanese covers to Western brands. They're just so much softer because they're made with cotton, and yet still waterproof! The aplix is also nicer- it won't roll and irritate baby's belly because it isn't a strip; it's more like a panel, and flush with the rest of the cover, not sticking out. They also sell flats, but honestly, I prefer prefolds- less bulk and take up less room on the drying rack.
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