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Re: Rant...the constant "skinny" baby comments

I agree with can't win no matter what! This is another of those annoying areas that everyone and their grandmother feels the need to comment on. My ODS was a humongous baby..he started out 7 lbs 10 oz and was 20+lbs at his 6 month appointment. I could walk into a store and have someone comment on how big he was in one aisle, turn the corner, and have someone else tell me he was TINY and their 2 month old grandchild was twice as big. (Ummm...okay! I think I'd be at the dr if my child was 40 lbs at 2 mos old...) Anyway, same thing with the twins who were skinnnnnnnny (12-13 lbs at 6 mos). I would get comments about them being skinny or tall or huge (???) all the time depending on who decided to impart us with their wisdom that day. I just nod and smile and run away as fast as I can! lol!
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