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Re: HELP! Desperate need of RECIPE help for children with allergies

Chicken tacos are great,
sautee chicken in olive oil, with garlic, salt and pepper, Chili powder and cumin if they can have it.
serve in warm corn tortillas topped with onion and tomato. also great with diced cabbage and sliced avacado (didnt see those mentioned anywhere)

fried chicken is awesome with rice flour. dip in egg replacer first, then rice flour and fry in canola oil. OR bread and bake at 400 till crispy. great with waffles (if she has a recipe they can do) and maple syrup. This could also be done with crisp brown rice cereal. roll chicken in applesauce and dip in crushed crispy rice cereal (salt and pepper too) and bake.

we love to make a sauce with honey, rosemary and lemon juice.

cook thighs or legs (you need the grease) in a skillet with S&P, when done remove them and let them rest. Add about 1/2 cup of honey to the drippings (for 4-6 thighs) and add about 1-2tbsp lemon juice (to taste) when those are incorporated together add fresh rosemary and let it simmer for just about one minute. Add chicken back in to coat. Awesome with rice or mashed potatoes. Would also be great with roasted butternut squash.

I dont see spaghetti squash anywhere, can they have that? We love it. Just crock pot it for 3-4 hours, split, seed and then seperate with a fork. It doesnt need anything to be delish.

A layered casserole with ground turkey patties, potatoes, and other veggies, salt, pepper, and any other seasonings that sound good. Make or use chicken/turkey/veggie stock and thicken with rice flour. Pour over the top and bake. (may want to pre cook meat patties)

cook ground turkey, add diced potatoes, thickened stock again, top with crunched potato chips and bake.

turkey chili with black beans served over corn chips (could be a stew too if chili powder is out)

i'm sure she already does tons of marinara type dishes...
can they do any fish???

My son really enjoys a hotdog rolled up in a corn tortilla.

I hope maybe this gives her a new idea or two. its really easy to get in a boring rut!
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