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Re: I have never been so tired....

Originally Posted by ashayla&acensmom View Post
My hubby is giving me grief for this... If I am not tired (which I usually am) I am completely unmotivated I try to hurry and get something accomplished before the DH gets home from work. Ugh... I wish he could carry this baby and see how it feels! I am thinking about doing a "hypothetical" pregnancy day for him. Have him get WASTED one evening, staying up until at least 2 in the morning, and getting up at 6 with the kids. That way he is tired, and feeling ill. Then, let him get the kids ready for school, stay home with our 3 year old and home school him (that is what I am doing now), all while completing the dishes, laundry and misc household chores. Lets see if he can handle it!
That is too funny! Make him try it and let us know how it goes
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