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BF for 13+ months, not interested in cow's milk

I hope this is the right forum for this concern:

DD nursed until a little after 13 months (milk production faded quickly with pregnancy). About a week after she stopped nursing, we gave her cow's milk for the first time. That time, and every time since, she'll take a sip or two and then will refuse to have any more. We have tried two different types of whole milk (one from a local dairy, pasteurized but not homogenized, and organic from the grocery store). She has no problems with yogurt, cheese, or things containing milk. Almost all of her liquid during the day is water (which obviously doesn't have the calcium/vitamins/nutrients of milk), with a small cup (4-5 oz) of orange juice diluted 50% with water every other day or so. Any ideas on how to up the milk consumption? I know it tastes different than breastmilk, which I assume is most of the problem... TIA for your ideas!

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