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Re: Early Potty training advice

Originally Posted by BirthdayMama View Post
Read Diaper Free Before 3. I found this to be insanely helpful. I'd read Diaper Free Baby and the other one people always mention about EC, and while they contained useful takeaways, they both made it seem like you had to be a weird hippie whose kids are always naked to make it work. DFB3 was the first I read that just made early potty training seem like it could be a normal part of daily life. The basic idea is just that you sit your child on the potty at regular times during the day (like first thing after waking up, right after a meal, before getting in the car, etc.), and eventually they will start going at those times. It was the aha moment I needed. She does have a bit of a soapbox on anti AP methods that would annoy anyone more truly AP than I am, and she sort of assumes you formula feed, which is annoying. But if you can look past all that, it's a really helpful book, and pretty unique, in that it's actually written by a pediatrician who advocates early potty training. It contains a great section on the history of disposable diapers and the effects they've had on later and later potty training.

YES, YES AND YES! Diaper Free before Three is pretty much the best resource on potty-training that I have found, and let me tell you, I've read a LOT. I did not get the sense that she assumes you formula feed, though. She does recommend that PLing parallel the introduction of solid foods, which made perfect sense to me. The book opened me up to ECing whereas previously I thought it was nonsense. Now I'm actually ECing a 2 month old, which I never would have considered doing if this book hadn't made me examine my assumptions about infant toilet training due to our cultural biases. It's a book worth checking out.
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