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Re: Please give me your easy and basic Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo recipe!

I think mine is easy...You can let me know.

Melt butter in a sauce pan. Maybe 2-3 T?
Sprinkle in some flour (2-3T?) and stir it around for a minute.
Crush a couple cloves of garlic into the pan.
Pour in a little half and half and get out the lumps, then add the rest (1 cup)
Pour in a cup of milk.
Add paremesan if you have it.
Keep stirring until it thickens, add some salt to taste.

Sometimes we grill the chicken breasts.
Sometimes we cook a bunch in the crock pot. Either way, we dice it up and toss it in with the noodles after they are cooked.
Lately we've been using leftover rotisserie chicken and it's delish!

We always add steamed broccoli and couliflower, and sometimes thinly sliced carrots. We put everything in big serving bowl (pasta, chicken, veggies) and then pour the sauce over it.

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