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Originally Posted by blueone View Post
Wow, "school widow" is an actual term? I've never heard of that. If that's the case, them I'm a permanent "army widow" because I never know when my husband will be home. Tonight and again tomorrow night he's at the range and I'm not expecting him till 10ish or 11ish.

Not saying that to attack you or anything, I just truly never heard of widow being used that way...
Nope, it appears to be real! Google "school widow". I know it doesn't seem like a big deal to have my dh gone a few nights a week compared to what army wives deal with. I'll admit, I'm a wimp! I wouldn't be able to handle that. When my husband goes away on 2 week long business trips, that is my absolute limit! Anyway, I think I first heard the term from my best friend. Her husband is also a PhD student but he's also a TA so is even busier and is at the mercy of the professor he's studying under. When my husband decided to keep going to school he'd promise he'd NEVER be a TA, especially after seeing the while he was getting his Masters and how stressed out they were. He is trying to do his on the fast track though because he doesn't want it to drag on for years and years.

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