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Re: Do I need to give him cereal?

(the following doesn't apply if you're formula-feeding)
If you're still breastfeeding, avoid anything supplemented with extra iron (like cereals). Anything naturally rich in iron is great though!
True your breastmilk has less iron in it - however, that iron is much more bio-available to your baby's body & the "good bugs" in her tummy than the iron in cereals & some other baby-foods (& kid foods). It is also less bio-available to the "bad bugs" in your baby's tummy. The iron used for fortification is the exact opposite. Not only that, but it can also make the iron in your breastmilk more available to the "bad bugs" (which had previously not been), so that your baby will then be getting less iron from your breastmilk as well. I hope that could be followed. The kids are going crazy at the moment, so i don't know if i typed that well. I do have the sources to the articles to back that up around here somewhere, but we are in the middle of a sudden move, so i don't know where & i gotta go take care of those kiddos! Hope this helps! If someone else has those links or is good at research feel free to post them for me! ~ blessings!
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